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    Being one of the first areas of the country where the analogue transmitters are being turned off, I thought I'd post an issue I had (that's now fixed) with BBC channel locks, just in case anyone else has a similar experience during the switchover.

    Our transmitter (Caldbeck) was turned off yesterday. There were Digital switch over people and banners etc all over the town centre stating if you had freeview you'd have to re-scan during each phase of the switchover (believe they're doing it in 3 steps).

    I noticed last night that I wasn't getting a channel lock on BBC1, 2, 3, BBC News and BBC Parliament.

    A full re scan and channel update did nothing to change this.
    Pc reboot had no effect either.

    I decided then to delete all my channels and do a full rescan.

    After doing the scan I noticed the channels listed above were not picked up. After many re-scans, I decided to delete the the Video Source and create a new one, assign it to the tv card in Input Connections and do a full scan again. That has now given me all channels with full lock.

    You'll also need to then sort out your channels with whatever method you usually do, but I'm not here to tell you that, there's plenty of other threads out there with that information. I will point out though to make sure you select "Sort Mode: Channel Number" in the Channel Editor. I missed it during the above instruction and was going nuts trying to figure out what I'd missed.

    Hope this is of some help.
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    I'll support what you've said having had a similar experience with switchover in North Wales in the Llanddona coverage area. I just couldn't tune in anything from the multiplex with Dave, Sky3 etc. No great cultural loss I suppose but an irritant!
    Oddly, when I set up a dual boot with XP and the Hauppauge utility it worked, and when I created a test partition for a fresh Mythtv that also worked!

    Deleting all channels, video sources and cards in backend setup and then recreating them and doing a fresh channel scan fixed it, as you have found.

    Now only two multiplexes share the same frequencies as before and both switched from QAM16 to QAM64. Both had identical parameters before and had the same parameters switched in the same way so I should have expected problems with two multiplexes. I can only assume that :

    a) if the frequency is known in the database then these parameters are not refreshed during a channel scan.
    b) the other multiplex (Film4 etc) switched during an earlier phase before I configured my Myth box.

    Now, if only EIT data would populate in a sensible time. 12 hours+ so far and still big gaps.


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    I had to same issue with EIT data taking a while to re-populate.
    No idea why it's so slow but I found that after a couple of days I had a continuous 8 day data supply.
    It's just that initial data population that seems to be a drag, after that you should find it's spot on.


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