Hi guys,

I purchased a Harmony 880 and an IR Receiver from a site that advertises on this site. It is definitely a 'home-made' device, but the armature look is not really a concern of mine as long as it works.

I've been using the 880 for a few weeks to get the rest of my setup just right, and I have not had any issues with the remote as of yet.

So I installed LIRC via:
sudo apt-get install LIRC
(I believe that was the command)
It installed without issue. I believe it asked me what type of receiver I would be using and I believe I selected 'home-brew serial device' or the equivalent.

I read the information on the MythTV Harmony 880 page, and set up the remote as a Gigabyte HA-91:

Then I followed the instructions on the LIRC configuration webpage that popped up, replacing the /etc/lirc/lircd.conf with the file listed on the above wiki.

Then I put the .lircrc file (again in the wiki) in my home directory (/home/mythtv).

I tried to open lirc via running lirc on the command line:
$ lirc
sh: lirc: not found
$ lircd
lircd: can't open or create /var/run/lircd.pid
lircd: Permission denied
$ lircrcd
lircrcd: invalid argument count
$ irexec
irexec: could not connect to socket
irexec: Connection refused
$ su root
root@Myth:/home/mythtv# lircd
root@Myth:/home/mythtv# irexec
irexec: could not open config files /root/.lircrc and /etc/lirc//lircrc
irexec: No such file or directory

With everything I tried I have been unable to get any type of response from hitting buttons on the remote. Did I miss something? Is there a better way to debug?

Please help all-yee much better informed,