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    Over the last few weeks I have been setting up my mythtv box and it has been working fine at home. I will be moving house next week and tonight I took around the box to my new house. The problem is I couldn't get a lock. I get about 45% connection and thats it.

    I have tried scan from dvb-utils (scan au-Melbourne > channels.conf) and it can't find a lock either.

    Analog TV is crystal clear on the TV here and I have tried dad's set top box and it tuned in fine.

    Is there something I should try to boost the signal?

    I'm using ubuntu feisty 7.04 beta and a wintv Hauppauge Nova-t
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    Perhaps this is my inexperience with DVB, but what do you mean by "a lock"? You can tune and watch SD, but not HD?

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