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    I'm trying to install Mythweb on OS X. I have followed all the directions, but I need help applying the patch. I have successfully set up 0.25 BE on my Mac.

    I tried installing and applying the patch manually, and that didn't work. Then I tried to install Mythweb via Mac Ports, but that didn't work either.

    I followed these instructions:

    I don't understand how to apply this class_autoload patch:

    I've tried searching for this, but I don't see any files called class_autoload. I'm guessing I have to change this in Xcode or something? Any help please?

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    With a little help from Reddit and some Googleing I have this working (sort of)

    The wiki should be updated with these changes

    1) Go to /Library/WebServer/MythWeb/includes and edit class_autoload.php

     sudo nano /Library/WebServer/MythWeb/includes/class_autoload.php
    2) Delete what is in the file right below the last commented line and paste this in:

          function autoload($className) {
             global $Path;
             $className = str_replace('_', '/', $className);
            if (file_exists("classes/$className.php"))
                 include_once "classes/$className.php";
            elseif (file_exists(modules_path.'/'.module."/classes/$className.php"))
                 include_once modules_path.'/'.module."/classes/$className.php";
             elseif (file_exists(modules_path.'/'.$Path[1]."/classes/$className.php"))
                 include_once modules_path.'/'.$Path[1]."/classes/$className.php";
             elseif (file_exists(modules_path.'/'.$Path[0]."/classes/$className.php"))
                 include_once modules_path.'/'.$Path[0]."/classes/$className.php";
            else {
                foreach (explode(PATH_SEPARATOR, ini_get('include_path')) as $path) {
                    if (!file_exists("$path/$className.php"))
                    include_once "$path/$className.php";
                    return true;
                 return false;
            return true;
    Next you have to go /Library/WebServer/MythWeb/includes/init.php and edit it if you are getting a MythBackend not found error in your logs. I installed via the packages not MacPorts so you may not get this.

     sudo nano /Library/WebServer/MythWeb/includes/init
    Comment out the last line so it looks like this (without quotes) "// MythBackend::find()->setTimezone();"

    The MySQL portion of the wiki was not complete for Lion.

     sudo nano /etc/php.ini
    Change the Pdo_mysql in the module section to this:

     ; Default socket name for local MySQL connects.  If empty, uses the built-in
    ; MySQL defaults.
    I now have MythWeb up and running on my Mac with a 0.25 backend. I have access to all my channels, database stats, upcoming recordings, etc... The only thing I can't get working is showing the guide data (EPG) in MythWeb... kind of a big deal, but at least I have it up and running. Hopefully this helps someone trying to get MythWeb 0.25 running on OS X Lion.
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