Is it possible to have MythTV running on a diskless thin client (with CPU, mobo with onboard TV out, DVD R/W, + remote)
connected via LAN to my Soho 24/7 PC (with TV tuner, storage disk, etc) acting as a server for storage and recording?

The reason for my interest in this archtecture is:
* It will save me from having MythTV client always on in order to record programs;
* Would like to spend the least possible on it;
* Silence and minimal solution on the living room;

Initially, I thought of connecting the Soho PC (at office room) directly to the TV and Audio system (at living room), with a distance of about 15 meters.
But this would raise a mess of connections: remote, VGA / TV out, Audio, that would probably cost me close to what a thin client can cost.

Any recommendations for an inexpensive barebone to setup this thin client?
Or a miniATX mobo with onboard TV out?
If I could reuse an Intel Celeron 420 socket 775, it would be great. However, I guess there are probably better offers with AM2 socket.