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    Hi ,
    I'm slightly confused as to how I should set this up physically.

    I have a PC setup with a PVR-350. It's almost working, I just have to get the tuner to get a channel instead of snow now.

    But anyways, I want to be able to record channels past 125. I realize I'll have to control the Digital Cable box through MythTV.
    But how do I physically do this? At first I assumed I would connect the outs on the Cable box to the Video-In on the PVR-350 - but it doesn't have a composite video in, only an S-Video in. But the TV box doesn't have a S-Video Out.

    The Cable Box is a Motorola 2244. It has a cable port that says to DVR - but what will that do?

    So I think I explained myself decently well. What are the physical connections I need to do here?

    Thanks in advance,
    Jason Holmes
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    it is possible with ir blaster
    use the coax out into your tv-tuner then use the irblaster to change channels from mythtv

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